Maple Syrup Taffy Fun Frozen Activity

Maple Syrup Taffy

Maple Syrup Taffy



I am sure we are all tired of talking about or hearing about how cold it is and how frozen we all feel. I say make the best of it! I found this super fun and delish science experiment that is simple for everyone…as long as your stove is currently working.
All you have to do is slowly heat up maple syrup and stir it slowly until it is warm almost boiling but you don’t want to burn it. Once the syrup is ready go outside and find fresh clean snow and pour the syrup in any shape you want. I saw some photos where people put popsicle sticks in the snow as well so they could easily remove it and have pops!
You can make any shape you want and share it with your friends! You could even heat up some chocolate or caramel and do the same to make pops even combine all 3!
If you want to find more fun cold weather experiments try Janice VanCleave’s Weather: Mind-Boggling Experiments You Can Turn Into Science Fair Projects (Spectacular Science Project). It’s not like we have a polar vortex everyday now is it!?

Snow Day Snow-made Ice Cream


By now I am sure we all have cabin fever from being snowed in for so long. How much digging can one do? Are you saying to yourself “if I see one more snowperson or fort of any kind I am going to lose it!!”? I was totally at that point today. So I turned to my trusty friend the internet. I found this idea from one of my friends who posted a photo of their very own snow-made snow ice cream on Instagram. What a great idea, right?!?! With all of this snow we might as well make good use out of it! The recipe is super simple and super quick to make.

1 gallon fresh snow
1 cup organic white sugar (or substitute if you prefer)
2 cups organic milk (any fat content you like)
1 table spoon vanilla extract
Any sprinkles, cherries or other additions you want for added fun

1. Gather 1 gallon of fresh snow
2. Add the sugar and extract and mix together
3. Add the milk to your desired consistancy.
4. Add all of the fun toppings you want

** You should serve immediately as snow does tend to melt quite quickly. You can put it in the freezer to save for later if you make enough.