Urbano Eco Trash Can


One of my favorite stores ever is UncommonGoods.com. I can always find some really fun and interesting stuff there. Recently I tried the Urbano Eco Trash Can  from the Eco-Friendly Products section of Uncommon Goods and I am in love! I have trash can issues in my apartment, as the one I have hanging over a cabinet door isn’t big enough and I have no real place for a large standing can in my kitchen. I do have pets so I have to be conscious where I put a can so they don’t get into it or knock it over.  This has been an ongoing issue plaguing me ever since I moved into my new place.  The Urbano has afforded me some great opportunities to de-clutter and reuse bags that would otherwise be sitting in a cabinet making a mess.  Although I bring bags with me when I go shopping I do appreciate a reason to use the plastic bags I do accumulate.
The Urbano is the perfect size to fit in my kitchen right against the wall between my oven and one of my cabinets. I can open both without the Urbano being at risk of getting knocked over. I can make use of the plastic bags have and eliminate clutter in one of my cabinets from saving them. The Urbano fits a large amount of stuff in it which I kind of wasn’t expecting.   It isn’t a huge trash can but magically it holds 2 liter soda bottles, cans, plastic containers of different shapes and sizes (yes, I was using it for my recyclables). I tried to cram it with as much stuff as I could and not 1 thing fell out or even made the Urbano sides bulge. That being said I am not trying to say the Urbano holds the same amount as a huge garbage can but a single woman who eats pretty regularly, has 2 pets, cleans more than regularly, and recycles makes some trash and the Urbano is more than capable of handling my mess.

About The Urbano Eco Trash Can at Uncommon Goods: Winner of the 2005 Pratt Product Design Competition, designer Kevin McElroy’s clever trash can allows you to store and reuse the plastic bags that you collect from shopping in a neat, organized way. Simply loop trash bags around the cut-out sides and push them all the way down, creating a visual of stacked handles all along the side. When you are ready to use one, just move it up to the handles and hook so that it won’t fall in on itself. Made in the USA.

Two Toned Cork Apron

I was perusing one of my favorite online stores the other day looking for fun green things to present to my faithful readers and I found a few super cute, really interesting and just plain fun items that could work in almost any home. My major issue with ethical home products are that they are usually ridiculously expensive, look “reused” or have no thought behind it. In that they are bland and design/aesthetics didn’t really have a part in the development process. I understand that pricing for some products is necessary due to the process the items may have to go through to be made and usable. I still feel that an integral part of being ethical is obviously pricing. I feel like what is the point of making an item ethical when you have to spend an arm and a leg for it. I realize I have mentioned this before but to me a part of being ethical and conscious is being affordable otherwise it isn’t very useful for helping the masses. Here are a few super cute things I found at Uncommon Goods that I would enjoy owning myself.


Upcycled Zip Wallet

Upcycled Zip Wallet



Product Description: Upcycled Zip Wallet’s raw materials once spent their days lounging around the beaches of Bali. That sounds lovely, except that those materials are actually plastic bags. Billions of plastic bags are used every year, and many of them find their way to the ocean, where they can be damaging or fatal to marine life.
For each wallet, ten of those wayward bags are reclaimed from the shoreline, cleaned, cut and crafted into a durable cover. Inside are accordion dividers to keep your own resources organized, and an inner zippered pocket for your valuables. Because of the upcycled nature of the materials, each one will have a unique combination of bright colors. Because these wallets are handmade of recycled materials, each is one of a kind. Made in Bali, Indonesia


Recycled Ceiling Tin Photo Frames

Recycled Ceiling Tin Photo Frames




Product DescriptionRecycled Ceiling Tin Photo Frame Add vintage charm to your photos with textured, metal frames. The intricate rococo patterns are actually pressed tin ceiling tiles that once adorned homes and shops around the Northeast. Salvaged from crumbling buildings and remodeling projects, artist Margaret Taylor turns them into rustic frames. Due to the reclaimed nature of the materials, colors and patterns will vary. Handmade in Georgia


Two Tone Cork Apron

Two Tone Cork Apron




Product Description: The Two Tone Cork Apron is crafted from ultra-thin sheets of cork, a sustainably harvested material that is supple, durable, and naturally water resistant. Derived from the bark of Cork Oak trees, the material’s natural veining and stippled appearance gives a rich earthiness that is unexpected in a typically textile-based accessory. The dark-stained cork is set off nicely by the contrasting, lighter natural color of the ample central pocket, which is the perfect catchall for cooking utensils, towels or recipe cards. The apron is stitched around the edges and is reinforced with a cotton backing. Made in Portugal.



Fire Extinguisher Pendant Lamp

Fire Extinguisher Pendant Lamp




Product Description: Fire Extinguisher Pendant Lamps are crafted from spent fire extinguisher canisters. The artist Valentino Llegada hand paints each one in shades of black and gray. The aluminum material is lightweight and sturdy, and its interior is left with its metallic finish, which helps reflect the light out into the room. Available in two styles – cylindrical or with rounded edges – created by using either the top or the bottom of the canister. Comes fitted with a light socket and cord, and is ready to hang with included screw hooks. Cord does not have built-in switch. Handmade in Florida. Sold individually


Save Your Green For February



It has been a while since I have updated the save your green page and I do apologize but now it is back and better than ever! Spring is on its way and you know that means great deals and discounts on winter and summer merchandise. You don’t want to be left out of ways to keep your eco-life great and green!


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The Urbano





I found this today on Pinterest believe it or not and I am loving it. The Urbano is a trash can that stores extra plastic garbage bags in the can for you. I am not a fan of using plastic grocery bags but for recycling they can hold your recyclables and then be rinsed out and reused. I really just like the style of the can and that it holds your bag open. The design is simple and sleek but I like it. If you like it too you can pick your very own up at Uncommon Goods! Let me know if you like them too!