Reclaimed, Upcycled & Recycled Holiday Gift List

I came across some home decor items recently that I love! These reclaimed items make some of the cutest gifts for the holiday season.  These particular ones are all handmade and made in the U.S.A.  Etsy is a wonderful place to find items like this and you are helping support the Handmade Holiday, Shop Small, and Shop Local movements I am sure you have been seeing around.  I hope you enjoy the items I have found as much as I have finding them.  All of these items were found at Maiden Long Island’s Etsy shop. They currently have a coupon code GIFTS14 to receive 20% off of your purchase of $5 or more. Offer valid today through December 7th.



Recycled Glass Pendants

Recycled Glass Sugar Skull Pendants

I love these Recycled Glass Sugar Skull pendants! They are one of a kind and just plain perfect. The pendants have been made from recycled glass and melted at a high heat to form a smooth surface.The skulls on the pendant are flawless beautiful. The designs of the skulls are very intricate. The pendants are $15 a piece




Shabby Chic Vintage Inspired Screen Frame

Shabby Chic Vintage Inspired Screen Frame





How adorable is this reclaimed frame! Once a picture frame this gorgeous shabby chic design frame has been upcycled and turned into a super fab jewelry organizer! Hang earrings, necklaces or even hair accessories on it. You can even use it as a piece of decor and hang it where ever you want. This is a great idea for old or broken frames. Instead of throwing them away make them useful! This frame in particular is only $20. This is a very versatile gift that many people would love.





Reclaimed Vintage Framed Chalkboard

Reclaimed Vintage Framed Chalkboard





It seems that chalkboards are all the rage. I have seen them everywhere and on everything. I would think giving one as a holiday gift would be a wonderful idea. Maybe even as a gag gift for a teacher! Who knows! This particular vintage inspired frame makes for a perfect sized chalkboard to hang in your home for a to-do list or even more important a chore list, daily reminders, even for recipes while cooking. This frame is $25!!




Olaf Painted Vinyl

Olaf Painted Vinyl





Another super popular holiday them is Frozenof course. I know everyone needs, wants and must have. This is a lovely item that is not only very adorable it is also upcycled. This is a hand painted Olaf the snowman on an old vinyl record. This is an exceptional idea. Use it as a wall hanging or find clock parts and BOOM a clock for your home. The artist also takes custom orders so choose anything you want.

Save Your Green April 2013


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Two Toned Cork Apron

I was perusing one of my favorite online stores the other day looking for fun green things to present to my faithful readers and I found a few super cute, really interesting and just plain fun items that could work in almost any home. My major issue with ethical home products are that they are usually ridiculously expensive, look “reused” or have no thought behind it. In that they are bland and design/aesthetics didn’t really have a part in the development process. I understand that pricing for some products is necessary due to the process the items may have to go through to be made and usable. I still feel that an integral part of being ethical is obviously pricing. I feel like what is the point of making an item ethical when you have to spend an arm and a leg for it. I realize I have mentioned this before but to me a part of being ethical and conscious is being affordable otherwise it isn’t very useful for helping the masses. Here are a few super cute things I found at Uncommon Goods that I would enjoy owning myself.


Upcycled Zip Wallet

Upcycled Zip Wallet



Product Description: Upcycled Zip Wallet’s raw materials once spent their days lounging around the beaches of Bali. That sounds lovely, except that those materials are actually plastic bags. Billions of plastic bags are used every year, and many of them find their way to the ocean, where they can be damaging or fatal to marine life.
For each wallet, ten of those wayward bags are reclaimed from the shoreline, cleaned, cut and crafted into a durable cover. Inside are accordion dividers to keep your own resources organized, and an inner zippered pocket for your valuables. Because of the upcycled nature of the materials, each one will have a unique combination of bright colors. Because these wallets are handmade of recycled materials, each is one of a kind. Made in Bali, Indonesia


Recycled Ceiling Tin Photo Frames

Recycled Ceiling Tin Photo Frames




Product DescriptionRecycled Ceiling Tin Photo Frame Add vintage charm to your photos with textured, metal frames. The intricate rococo patterns are actually pressed tin ceiling tiles that once adorned homes and shops around the Northeast. Salvaged from crumbling buildings and remodeling projects, artist Margaret Taylor turns them into rustic frames. Due to the reclaimed nature of the materials, colors and patterns will vary. Handmade in Georgia


Two Tone Cork Apron

Two Tone Cork Apron




Product Description: The Two Tone Cork Apron is crafted from ultra-thin sheets of cork, a sustainably harvested material that is supple, durable, and naturally water resistant. Derived from the bark of Cork Oak trees, the material’s natural veining and stippled appearance gives a rich earthiness that is unexpected in a typically textile-based accessory. The dark-stained cork is set off nicely by the contrasting, lighter natural color of the ample central pocket, which is the perfect catchall for cooking utensils, towels or recipe cards. The apron is stitched around the edges and is reinforced with a cotton backing. Made in Portugal.



Fire Extinguisher Pendant Lamp

Fire Extinguisher Pendant Lamp




Product Description: Fire Extinguisher Pendant Lamps are crafted from spent fire extinguisher canisters. The artist Valentino Llegada hand paints each one in shades of black and gray. The aluminum material is lightweight and sturdy, and its interior is left with its metallic finish, which helps reflect the light out into the room. Available in two styles – cylindrical or with rounded edges – created by using either the top or the bottom of the canister. Comes fitted with a light socket and cord, and is ready to hang with included screw hooks. Cord does not have built-in switch. Handmade in Florida. Sold individually


Some Great Stuff For Your Home Made in The US of A

It has been a while since I have posted in one of the most important sections of this entire blog! I am always on the look out for great stuff you can find that has been made right here in our little own country! It has been more difficult as the years go on to find anything that is made in the America and when you do the price is so much higher and let’s be honest not always of the best quality either.  I am happy to see the pace of this Made in the USA trend pick up.  That is the exact reason why I feel like it is important to search out what ever Made In The USA products and businesses I can find!

Flip Flop Nesting Boxes

Flip Flop Nesting Boxes


Flip Flop Nesting Boxes $120

I think these are super cute and love almost anything made from recycled flip flops.  I know I get good use out of mine every summer.  It is exciting to know that when I recycle them they do go to good use.  Spring is right around the corner and I cannot wait to break out my flip flops, now especially after seeing these.  The  only thing I don’t necessarily love is the price however it is hand made and I can only imagine how long that takes so I can let it go.

Product Description: Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Bring the flip flop love into your home with these upcycled nesting boxes. Flip flop flotsam from flip flop factories (say that three times fast!) is wasted more than you might expect, but you can make a difference in the fate of such fun material by gracing your home with these nesting baskets. Each upcycled basket is comprised of patiently wired together pieces of flip flop, resulting in a colorful pattern.
Use indoors or out, these boxes are fit for anything from toys to towels.



Vinyl Record Jigsaw Puzzle

Vinyl Record Jigsaw Puzzle



Vinyl Jigsaw Puzzle $35

I don’t know many people who are willing to part with their vinyl but I can say I have recently seen some of the most creative uses ever come out of recycling them.  I think the jigsaw puzzle is an excellent way to upcycle them.  You can still use and almost honor the record.  This is a perfect gift for the hipster you know that you know.

Product Description:
This 31-piece puzzle is lots of fun and a great conversation piece. Looking for a way to delight puzzle junkies or vinyl lovers? We gotcha covered.
Made from Classic Rock LPs that celebrate the best of the 60s & 70s. Let us pick out a good one for you.
Comes packaged in a sturdy, clear round box.



Concrete Hexi-Bowl

Concrete Hexi-Bowl


Concrete Hexi Bowl $95

I think this bowl is super cool.  The design is very modern/minimalist but the coolest part is that 40-70% of the bowl is made from reclaimed stone! Besides the fact that it is hand molded which just sounds like a ton of fun to have that job!  I know this is a little pricey for a bowl but hand made upcycled items are becoming more fashionable so sooner or later the price of conscious products will go down.

Product Description: Molded by hand, this is one unique serving bowl! Comprised of an advanced concrete mix that has been fine tuned over years of experimentation, it contains anywhere from 40 to 70 percent of reclaimed stone dust obtained from tile and counter top manufacturers. A great conversation piece and an easy way to display in-season fruit or your favorite holiday bulbs!
Because cement essentially cures continuously over time, these actually increase in durability over the years.
Each hexi bowl develops a unique patina as it ages.
Sealed to resist stains with carnauba wax.
Available in your choice of gray or white


Shades Bud Vase

Shades Bud Vase


Shades Bud Vase $55

This I have to say is probably one of the simplest resolutions to recycling glass bottles that I really never thought about before.  I would like to announce I would appreciate a little more decoration on the bud vases but over all this is a great idea! It is so simple and obvious I am ashamed I haven’t even thought of this before.  I really, really love this idea!

Product Description: Flower arrangements can be lovely, but why shell out fifty bucks when you can use this bud vase over and over again? These vases provide just as much of an impact on a room’s freshness with just four flower buds as an entire arrangement! Made of four upcycled glass bottle tops mounted on a glass pane, these glass vases are sealed to prevent leakage. Need a table centerpiece? These are the perfect size to hold taper candles- and the curved nature of the bottle easily catches any candle drippings!

Conch Shell Succulents

Conch Shell Succulents

Conch Shell Succulents



I was looking for some summer crafts to do since we decided against our garden this year as our outdoor fuzzy friends refuse to even give the garden a chance and everything we have tried doesn’t keep them out. I still love me some greenery and didn’t want to slack while the weather is so nice. I have been seeing succulents and succulent projects all over the place.  After much searching I have found a project that I love love love!!
Since it is summer and I know everyone knows at least one person who goes to the beach regularly and collects shells why not make great use of them. You have used sea shells as decorations before but why not as a planter right? This is an excellent way to upcycle! You can give the the conch shell planters away as gifts, do it as a party craft or even save it for next school year for a craft project. Conch shell planters can make beautiful decorations for inside or outside of your home. You can brighten up your office even! Here is all you have to do:
1. get and clean a conch shell
2. buy a pot or if you already have a pot of succulents you can use them
3. spoon

Make sure your conch shell is clean and big enough to give your succulent room to breath. You can really use any plant you want if succulents aren’t your thing.  I am really into the look of succulents lately here in NY you don’t really see them very often as decor.  I really like the look of them and there happens to be a wide variety to work with. Use your spoon to gently dig the plant out by the roots.  Once the roots and plant are out add a little soil to the bottom of the shell to make sure the roots will be covered.  Add the plant then the rest of the soil.  Make sure the soil and plant are packed tight enough to not fall out and there you have it! Your conch shell planter is ready.  I have seen some crafts where you can add wire or twine to hang the planter which is also a super cute idea!


Glitter-ize Old Glass

Glitterize Your Old Glass

Glitterize Your Old Glass




Pinterest is at it again with awesome things for me to do! I found this awesome craft that can turn any boring old Glass it to something amazing!!!! It may just be me that thinks everything is better with glitter but I cannot help but be distracted by shiny things.  It really is a curse.  Anywho, I am pretty sure that everyone has some old glasses, mirrors or serving trays that they would like to spruce up.  This is a great way to make something old look new! Here is how:

Clean Glass or Glasses
Mod Podge Matte Finish
Painter’s Tape (You might be able to use masking tape but I know sometimes it leaves a residue and you cannot put these glasses in the dishwasher after the glitter has been applied.)
Paint brushes (any sizes and tips are up to you as it will be your design)
Sheet or cover (to keep glitter from getting all over the place)
Large canister or plate (to place the glitter in while applying it to the glass)


1. Put the painter’s tape around the areas you do not want to glitter. Make your own design! Get creative.

2. Use your paint brushes to add Mod Podge to the areas you do want to glitter. Nothing has to be perfect so do what you want with it.

3. Place your sheet or cover down before glittering so it can catch any spillage.

4. You can either sprinkle the glitter over the Mod Podged area and put a canister underneath it so you can save any unused glitter or fill a canister or plate with glitter to roll the Mod Podged area in. Either way is good. I personally like to roll mine in the glitter to make sure the entire surface is covered.

5. Let the glass set for a few hours to make sure everything has dried.

6. Remove painters tape and excess glitter.

You can use this concept on many old smooth surfaces. The glasses are not meant to be put in the dishwasher however so be careful what you decide to decorate.

Don’t Throw Away Your Old CD’s

Don't Throw Away Your Old CD's

Don't Throw Away Your Old CD's

I have been cleaning out my house alot lately trying to organize and possibly upcycle things in my house I never use anymore. The other day I found a huge binder full of old CD’s I haven’t used in forever since I put all the music on my iPod. I didn’t want to throw them away as I had literally hundreds but I wasn’t sure how to make the best use of them. No one wanted them of course so I had to figure out something awesome to do with them. You see upcycled CD’s online and in stores often so I figured why can’ t I do the same. Here are some things I found online that I thought were cute.

1. The obvious use them as coasters. Glue either felt or some other cute fabric to it and you have automatic free coasters for your home. They make a super cute house warming gift and you can even decorate them if you want to add some personal flare.

2. Party decoration. Make flashy garland out of them for an event or even as permanent decor for your home. If you or maybe your child is a music lover why not string together some of their fave CD’s together and hang them from the ceiling or around the room as a border.

3. Make it art! Have unused frames at home? Take some CDs that are special to you and decorate them and hang them on the wall. This is also a perfect gift to give to someone that appreciates music and maybe a certain CD is special to them.

4. Use it as a party craft. Have no idea how to entertain a bunch of kids at a party. Hand out old CD’s and tell them to decorate them as they wish. Find cheap frames and some backing and let them make their own fun. Even go with the above and make their own coaster.

5. Bird Deterrent. Do you have birds that are always running into your glass doors or windows? Help them avoid hurting them selves by hanging a few on you doors and window so they can avoid flying head first into your house.

6. Are you a painter? Use them as pallets to mix your paint. There is already a hole in the middle for holding. You can keep clean them off easily and reuse them or keep them for mixing the same colors.

Do you have any fun uses for old CD’s? Let me know and I will post them on the Beagle!

Re-furr-b’d Bunnies

Re-furr-b'd Bunnies

Re-furr-b'd Bunnies


Spoon or funnel
Dried lentils
Sock (even old ones with holes in them you can patch them up later)
Rubber band
Felt or fabric from around the house
Pom-poms or cotton balls
Eco Glue


1. Use a spoon or a funnel to add dried lentils to a sock, filling it up just past the heel.

2. Close the sock with a tightly looped rubber band.

3. For the head and neck, tie a ribbon around the sock just below the heel.

4. Add more lentils but don’t completely fill them. Then tie off the head with enough left at the top for ears.

5. Cut the sock’s cuff into two ears, rounding the edges to give them a bunny ear shape.

6. Cut a nose, teeth, and eyes from fabric or other items you have from around the house.

7. Attach the facial features and pom-pom or cotton ball tail with glue.

* Don’t for get to make these bunnies your own! Add hats or jewelry or anything you have that can decorate these bunnies! You can color them with markers or give them patches with old fabric. Make them clothes anything you want! Be creative. They can make excellent toys or projects for parties! Use your imagination!

TerraCycle is Even Cooler Than I Thought!



I have heard of Terracycle before and even written about some of their products. What I didn’t know is how absolutely cool this company is. I was at work and someone brought in Rainbow Chip Cookies and immediately I noticed the Terracycle logo.  Terracycle has a Brigade network which allows you to recycle everything from food wrappers to computers to health and beauty packaging! The best incentive for you less than green individuals is the proceeds are donated to a charity or school of your choice.
TerraCycle was started by a 20 year old Princeton freshman who decided to start reusing empty bottles to ship his organic fertilizer and is now a major up & recycling business that collects from different countries around the world. Anyone of us could be the next Tom Szaky!

About TerraCycle:
TerraCycle’s purpose is to eliminate the idea of waste. We do this by creating national recycling systems for the previously non-recyclable. The process starts by offering collection programs (many of them free) to collect your waste and then convert the collected waste into a wide range of products and materials. With over 14 million people collecting waste in 11 countries together we have diverted billions of pieces of waste that are either upcycled or recycled into over 1,500 various products available at major retailers ranging from Walmart to Whole Foods Market. Our hope is to eliminate the idea of waste by creating collection and solution systems for anything that today ends up in our trash.
Founded in 2001 by Tom Szaky, then a 20-year-old Princeton University freshman, TerraCycle began by producing organic fertilizer, packaging liquid worm poop in used soda bottles. Since then TerraCycle has grown into one of the fastest growing green companies in the world.

You can start your own Brigade and start earning money towards your charity right here:

Help fundraise for schools in need while shopping at The Ultimate Green!

Upcycled Boombox

Upcycled Boombox

Upcycled Boombox

Once again the holiday’s are here! It is time to shop responsibly and make the most out of our green commerce! Here is an inexpensive but super creative gift for anyone who enjoys music, audio books or even movies. College students would get a kick out of this upcycled boombox! Right now The Ultimate Green Store is offering 10% OFF entire order at The Ultimate Green Store with code: GREENLIVING!

Product Description:

TerraCycle has joined forces with Merkury Innovations to create these “upcycled” eco-speakers. Upcycling takes unused rolls of wrapping material that would otherwise go to waste, and turns it into a variety of useful, eco-friendly products. These boombox speakers are universally compatible and battery-free!

With excellent sound quality and a 3.5mm universal plug for you can play music from your iPod, iPhone, MP3 player, laptop, or computer without the use of batteries. This boombox is packed and shipped flat to reduce pollution. Assembly is required.

Product Features:

Made from upcycled candy wrappers, creating a new use for unrecyclable waste
3.5mm universal plug to connect with music devices like iPods, iPods MP3 players, laptops and more
Rated impedance: 1 W
Max power input: 2W
Resonant Frequency: 400±20% Hz
Dimensions: 11.82″ x 1.18″ x 9.84″

TerraCycle Description:

Help reduce landfill wastes in a fun way! Each year, billions of used drink pouches, chip bags and candy wrappers fill dumpsters and landfills across the United States and are unable to be recycled. TerraCycle is an industrial waste management company that has launched a campaign to collect these used juice pouches and remake them into new products – a process called ‘upcycling.’

As an eco-friendly innovator, TerraCycle converts the used drink pouches into stylish backpacks, lunchboxes, tote bags, pencil cases, and other items for kids and adults. In addition, $0.02 is donated to charity for every drink pouch collected through TerraCycle’s Drink Pouch Brigade.

The Ultimate Green Store